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We’ve transformed the way business build a request for proposal (RFP). Our automated solution breaks down RFPs into simple, easy-to-understand business requirements that can be analyzed, graded, and delivered in streamlined manner. We’ve eliminated the guesswork, headaches, and ambiguity that are inherent to the traditional RFP process, while providing a green alternative that saves time, money, paper, and other resources.

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How it works

Creating a GreenRFP begins by allowing you to identify your unique requirements through an easy to use wizard-based process. As an RFP Creator or contributor, you can identify your SME’s “Subject Matter Experts” to solicit content and questions or operate independently if you choose. When you’re done creating your GreenRFP, you are able to send it to your internal team for alignment and approvals before sending out to the potential vendors.

Vendors that are fortunate enough to participate in your RFP, can collaborate and delegate the responses amongst their team members.

                        No more untraceable, multi-threaded emails, going back and forth between you and 20 participants.

You can produce executive reports that summarize and illustrate the best fit for your unique requirements.

                       No more sitting in a boardroom with a team of your peers trying to figure out if the lowest price submission equals the best value for your organization.


Can I create templates?

Yes. You can choose from any of the available GreenRFP templates or create your own custom template.

Is this a collaboration tool?

Yes. You are able to collaborate with subject matter experts and approvers within your organization to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding the requirements for your specific project.

Who pays for the service?

The company putting out the RFP.

Who benefits from this tool?

Everyone! This tool helps project teams pick the best solution based on the entire organizations requirements. It also assists finance in reducing overspend on features and services that aren’t needed by the organization.

Is it necessary for my potential vendors to sign up for the service first?

No. They are invited in by the company that wishes to include them in the response.

How many vendors can I send my RFP to?

You can send it you to as many vendors as you would like.

What type of reports do you offer?

We offer several different reports based on % of requirements satisfied against the requirements you listed. We can also calculate cost, showing you the potential overspend on features that you don’t need.

Can I apply weight to the requirements?

Yes. You can assign weighting to each individual question providing you with granular reporting.

How long does it take to setup my first RFP?

Little to no training is needed to be up and running. The process is wizard based and guides you along the way for a fast and easy RFP.

Is this a procurement tool?

TheGreenRFP bridges the gap between project teams and purchasing. It helps the Project team(s) and Decision-Makers understand why they would choose one vendor over another based on requirements satisfied. Your Leadership team benefits by understanding the true value of the goods or services based upon the percentage of requirements satisfied when compared to total cost. TheGreenRFP does not process electronic payments.