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We make it super simple to create and issue an RFPs and Bids, evaluate proposals to find your best-fit supplier, all in a single, easy-to-use interface.

Start creating your ideal RFP or Bid in minutes with our handy wizard. No more wading through piles of documents. No more guesswork.

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It’s 2024. Why is the RFP and Bidding process still so hard?

You can’t have a conversation by PDF or Word doc, so why solicit and evaluate suppliers that way? GreenRFP makes the RFP process easy to start, easy to collaborate on and, most importantly, easy to choose the best supplier for you.

Use templates and examples to get you started.

It can be hard to know where to begin, or what details to cover. Organize your RFP with handy templates, upload your own, or build new ones from scratch. We even provide a question database, giving you hundreds of common questions at your fingertips.
Use templates and examples to get you started

With GreenRFP, mistakes are easy to fix.

Old-school RFPs are big scary documents that take a ton of work and coordination. GreenRFP is dynamic and collaborative. Easily assign sections to your team for input or review, and change anything at any time. No PDF versioning to worry about.

Collect and evaluate proposals in one customizable view.

Receiving proposals as document uploads and email attachments is a hassle, but worse is trying to compare them. With GreenRFP, suppliers submit proposals straight into the same interface, so every requirement can be compared and scored with confidence.

How to Start Your RFP or Bid Today

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No credit card required. No commitment. Our free version lets you build a full RFP, solicit proposals, and even evaluate them, all in one place.

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We guide you through all the steps, and you can even choose pre-written content, or write your own.

Invite your team to collaborate

No need for long meetings or email chains. Ask questions or assign tasks to your team straight through the platform, so you can get input when and where you need it..

Issue your RFP or Bid!

When you and your team are happy with the RFP or Bid, send a link to your shortlist of suppliers or let us broadcast it for you.

Suppliers can ask questions and submit proposals through GreenRFP, keeping important details from getting lost in email or hidden in uploaded documents. So you can make buying decisions quickly and with confidence